The purpose of Aquin Yoga is to wake you up, and amplify your vision for the life you want to live and the world you want to create. To achieve this, Aquin Yoga will support your development in three fundamental areas:

  • Living — From yoga audios to nutrition assessments, Aquin Yoga supports your physical health and vitality as holistically as possible.
  • Working — What is your contribution to the world? What work is yours uniquely to do? From the 6-week Real Change program to 1-on-1 consultations with Erin or Steve, Aquin Yoga will help you realize your dreams.
  • Being — How vast is your awareness? How deep is your being? Through our meditation products and guidance, you can develop these and more.

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About Erin

Erin Aquin teaches an original style of Vinyasa Yoga, one she has evolved over 10 years through teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. Also a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, she treats clients in Hamilton, Ontario for pain, digestion, stress and anxiety relief. A deeply optimistic "evolutionary," she encourages growth and well-being in each client so that they may live up to their own highest potential. Contact: erin [at]

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