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Do you have big dreams? If so, you should know about Project One. Project One is not leadership training, nor is it a self-help program. It is a fresh, holistic approach to achieving your goals. Project One is personal development with depth and soul. If you desire vibrant health and spiritual growth and also have material goals and life ambitions, read on, because Project One will provide you with the tools, the community, and the inspiration you need to become a leader and game-changer in the world around you.

This Program is For You If:

  • You want to make a difference in your community through your field of work or study. If you have something to share with the local or global community via your professional services or intellectual pursuits, this program will help you find the most innovative way to do it without burning out.
  • You dream big but need more direction. Dreams are beautiful but we all could use some "healthy peer pressure" to get things done while maintaining perspective and staying on top of our responsibilities. Project One will help you set goals and follow through in the areas of Living, Working, and Being. This is the year you will make big things happen!
  • You are busy and are starving for more energy and inspiration. You may have been taught that successful people devote themselves, sometimes to a detriment to achieving their desired outcome. During this program you will learn how to get more fuel for your projects from specific practices and feel genuine inspiration being generated within you.
  • You are ready to make a big change. Maybe you have had something pulling at you for years and know it could make a positive ripple in the world. Working together in this program, we will clarify and bring your big projects to life in a way you couldn't have seen beforehand.

How Will You Transform?

Project One, launching in Hamilton, Ontario, will support your development in the three fundamental areas of Living, Working, and Being.

  • Living — What is the quality of your life? We all know that health is wealth, and that our relationships with other people are the most valuable things we have. And so, the "Living" module will help you optimize your health, increase your physical strength and vitality, and deepen your most important relationships. We will practice yoga and other exercises together, learn simple ways to improve our nutrition, and work on methods for increasing the intimacy and meaningfulness in our relationships.
  • Working — What is your contribution to life? Project One participants are people who want to make an impact on the world and leave a legacy. So the "Working" module will help you clarify your vision and purpose for your life, and reveal your own well of creativity and inspiration. You will learn practices for working constructively and effectively, alone and with others, to achieve a larger goal.
  • Being — What is the quality of your inner life? Are you inspired, filled with equanimity, and tapped into a vast perspective? Project One will guide you through a simple and powerful way to practice meditation, and provide you with contemplations and practices to expand your awareness. Beyond increasing your personal well-being and freedom, developing your inner life in this way will improve your connection with others and your ability to be an effective leader.

The Launch

Project One will begin with a 2-day in-person intensive in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Being together for the weekend will allow us to meet one another, learn the core practices, and set goals for the months ahead. Monthly sessions with the full group will follow to ensure progress towards  your goals, help you continually clarify and amplify your vision, and help you deal with the inevitable hurdles along the way.

The monthly sessions will also provide opportunities to further develop the skills learned on the kick-off weekend. In addition to monthly sessions, all participants will have a small cohort of peers to inspire and support one another in staying on track. You will also have an online forum for sharing breakthroughs, resources, inspiration, and news with your fellow participants. 

Participating Virtually

There are a few slots available for people who want to participate but aren't able to attend in person. If you join the program virtually, you will receive the full audios from each of the sessions as well as access to a peer cohort and the online forum. Requirements are that you make time to listen to the recordings and also to get on the phone and/or online thread with your cohort. Apply with the same requirements as in-person participants, detailed below. 

How to Apply

The 2013 session has already begun. To apply for our session in early 2014, send an email to erin [at] with your contact details, age, city, occupation, and why you want to be in the program. Erin and Steve will read your application and let you know if the program would be a good fit for you. 

Your Investment

Participating in Project One costs $95 per month plus HST of 13%, payable quarterly or all at once, and includes all the training and support detailed above. If you choose to pay up front, you will receive one month free (a $95 discount), and couples will receive a 15% discount when registering together. Registration is currently through application only, and is limited to the first 30 paid participants. 

Your Facilitators

Erin smiling

Erin Aquin — Erin teaches an original style of Vinyasa Yoga, one she has evolved over 10 years through teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. Before becoming a full-time instructor, Erin studied Audio Engineering and worked in  radio, concert promotion, artist management and as a tour manager for Juno award-winning artist, Sarah Harmer.  Also a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Institute of Traditional Medicine), she treats clients in Hamilton, Ontario for various conditions including pain, stress, anxiety relief, and digestive issues. A deeply optimistic “evolutionary,” she encourages growth and well-being in each client so that they may live up to their own highest potential.

Steve Haase — Steve is passionate about philosophy and human development, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute in Milford, CT. His initial pursuits were in music, where he began his career as a trumpet instrumentalist in the US Navy Band in Washington, DC. But soon his focus switched to developing the whole self, which led him to study closely with the founder of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew Cohen, for 11 years. Steve works in the fields of new technology and online marketing at the Boston-based company, HubSpot and holds degrees in music performance from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Maryland, College Park.



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